Monday, March 12, 2007

Update from Reece

Hi everybody. I am four months old today! I am having so much fun growing up and learning new things...
I am really good at smiling, especially at my mommy and daddy... I can grab my toes...
And I have just discovered how fun it is to play with my tongue.
I am very happy most of the time, as long as my mom and dad are around, of course.
My dad is SO much fun. He likes to entertain me by making my fly like an airplane and making silly faces at me. I am a daddy's girl! Oh, and he wanted me to tell you guys that he started a new job recently as a flight instructor. He says that he is really enjoying flying again and is praying that he will get lots of students soon!
And here's me and my mom. She loves me so much! She just can't stop kissing and hugging me. I love to smile at her all day long. And she keeps trying to get me to roll over, but I'm just not ready for that yet. I also have been waking her up at about 6:45am with my LOUD baby talk! I'm just ready to start my busy day of playing, eating and sleeping.
I have even laughed a few times already! My parents say that I am a blessing from God and they are overwhelmed with love for me!!
Gotta's way past my bedtime :)

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