Monday, September 15, 2008

I Survived Ike

We actually did pretty well through Ike. We are really grateful for the blessings of safety and protection during the hurricane. It was all our first hurricane experience.

We went to bed on Friday night at about 11pm right as our electricity went out. Of course, since I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant, I was pretty hot all night, but nothing terrible. As we listened to the howling winds all night, we woke up about every hour to look out the window and check on Reece. She slept soundly all night through the hurricane. I kept expecting to have to move her into our bed, but she never made a peep, so we just let her be. Since we had no electricity, we had no baby monitor, so I woke up to her shouting "Mommy, Mommy!!" I went into her room to get her, and she wanted me to turn the light on. I told her that the storm wouldn't let us turn the lights on right now, and right as I said that, the electricity came on and Reece said, "light on!" Perfect timing! :)

So, we have living a pretty normal life ever since then because we have had electricity and we had no damage to our home. Our neighborhood doesn't have any big trees, so that helped. We talked the Nalley's into coming to stay with us since they lost power and still don't have it. It has been fun making meals with them, playing with baby Abigail (as Reece calls her), and watching Adam and Daniel play Playstation golf and football.

We are praying for those who still don't have power and who have lost more than just power.

Here are some pictures of our hurricane survival:

So this isn't during the hurricane, but I thought it was really cute!

The cabin fever is setting in!!

Probably watching Dora at the beach...the new favorite movie of Reece.

Playing in the park during the beautiful weather!!

Hanging out in the driveway (even though we have electricity, we just were enjoying the weather)

Mommy and Reece! :)

Giving our baby hugs and kisses! So sweet!

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