Saturday, July 5, 2008

A couple new firsts

Today, Reece and I decided to break out the finger paints. She was very into it and excited about it, but you know a toddler's attention span isn't that long, so the fun only lasted about 15 minutes and then she said, "Aw dun paint" (Translation= I'm all done painting)

We got to attend our first Astro's game last weekend. Reece loved it and was such a good girl the whole time. She was so clingy with her daddy. She wouldn't leave his side the whole time. And, yes, I was there, but the only picture of Reece and I was at the very end of the game when she was pretty cranky and ready for a nap!

Excuse Reece's finger up the nose!!

Snackin' on some animal crackers and trying to figure out what all the little people are doing down there.
Ice cream kisses for Daddy

Silly ice cream face!

Just lookin' at Daddy. It's so fun to see how the two of them love each other!! Reece has started saying "No bye-bye, daddy" when he has to leave for work. I know it breaks his heart. And, when I tell her we're going somewhere, she'll say "Daddy, too??"

Reece thought the seats needed some decoration in the form of Dora stickers

Too much excitement!!

Reece has really become a toddler in the last couple weeks. She says "No do dat" and points the the blender (she doesn't like the noise). She also is in love with her friend "Bebe Ah-gail" (Abigail Nalley) and says her name over and over again throughout the day. If I ask her, "What would you like to pray about, Reece?" She'll say "Bebe Ah-gail" and when we're finished, she'll say "Pray more bebe Ah-gail" She also loves to repeat the phrase "no bap-uhme" which means "no vacuum" (She hates it when I vacuum) She knows several colors (green being her favorite) and she can count to ten, although she is just saying the words, she doesn't really know that she's counting. I've painted her toe-nails a few times recently, and if someone comments on it, she'll say, "mommy do dat" (mommy did that). It's amazing how many words, phrases and short sentences that she knows, but it's also amazing that sometimes I have no idea what she's trying to say. I love that I get to be a part of her learning how to communicate.

Anyway, that's all for now. Have a great rest of the holiday weekend!

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