Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Silliness and Birthday

Joe is silly...but we all already knew that, didn't we!

My mom, some of the cousins, me and my kids hit the outlet mall to go to my favorite store in the world, Anne Taylor Loft Outlet!! I had to make one more visit before I won't be able to go again for three years!! You can mail me stuff from there if you want! :) Anyway, first stop at the outlet mall=Auntie Ann's pretzels!! In this picture, they're supposed to be saying "pretzel," but I think they're saying, "It's 1,000 degrees out here!"

This might be my favorite picture ever!! White hinies helping with dinner! The stool used to be Reece's, but now the kids fight over it, so Joe uses the chair to the kid table to stand on. Not the safest option, but I need to get out to Bed Bath Beyond to get another collapsible stool!

This is really Joe's first time helping me bake. "JOE DO IT!!!" is what I hear all day! Oooohhhh....toddler independence here we come!

Reece our photographer!

And last but not least! Bouncy Place with our best buddie Abigail!!

Balloon animals for everyone!!

Goodnight! :)

Crates are Built!

Daniel is finished building our crates and they are ready to be filled with all our stuff! It only took him a few days...he is so talented! :)

It seems that God is providing in amazing ways every day!! He is blessing us with all the things we need and MOST of the finances we need. We are currently at 95.5% of our monthly support. That means we only need around $350/month to come in so that we can hop on a plane to Indonesia.
We are so excited that the time for us to go is almost here. We anticipate the next month and a half will be difficult with all the packing/sorting, good-byes and "lasts," but God has been so gentle and patient with us so far. We know He will not give us more that we can handle!
We can't wait to join our language-learning team in Salatiga! I think there are maybe 7 or 8 MAF families there now and 2 other families from a different mission that we know from Moody. At least they will be there to show us the ropes!
OH, and happy birthday on Sunday to the handsome, talented, funny, charming, patient, loving, funny, friendly, generous man that I have the privilege and honor to be married to! Happy 29th birthday, Daniel!

A Glimpse into the lives of a family on a journey to serve God through aviation in Indonesia!