Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Joe Walks with Walker

This is mainly for Abigail's viewing enjoyment. I hope she doesn't drive her mommy crazy wanting to watch it over and over again!! I know I should not video things with the camera turned like this. Sorry for that.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


The picture of Daniel sleeping in the chair is not really him working!! I think I took this after I made him haul around a bunch of boxes and suitcases. I love having a strong husband! But, he really is a hard worker. He does all the things that I don't want to do and he does them well. Sometimes my "control-freak" side wants to take over and but into all his business, but then I realize that I have to let him be in control and PRAY for him all the time and let God work through him. When I can keep my role as a wife straight, Daniel can really be used by God and things in the Perez household run MUCH better.

I love you, Daniel!! You are the BEST husband and father!! You are patient and kind and generous. And you love our kids and I know they look up to you. I hope Reece marries someone just like you and I hope Joe grows up to be just like you!! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

We Have Arrived...

...No, not in Indonesia. Still in Houston, but in a new location. We are moved in (sort of) to our townhouse that is in basically the same area as our old house was in. We have been here about a week and a half, but only had our internet turned on just two days ago. That's why I have been so quiet in the blog world.

We are getting settled into the swing of things in our new jobs. What is our new job, you ask? Well, we are building up our financial and prayer team who will help get us to Indonesia so we can help meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people in Indonesia.

How do you build up your team, you ask? Well, we call and email people to see if they want to meet so that we can share more about Mission Aviation Fellowship and see if they would consider being a part of our team. When we are not meeting with people, we are praying, keeping up with people who are already a part of our team, meeting new people, keeping up with all our MAF paperwork that we have to turn in weekly. It may not seem like much, but we are required to log 50 hours a week, and we have even been going over this for the past few weeks. It also requires us to be on the go quite a bit. We are driving from on event to the next with our two kids in tow. We also hope to meet with churches in the area, small groups and any other group that would want to meet us and hear about MAF!

We have been at it one month now, and we have really been enjoying ourselves. Most missionaries say that this is their least favorite part of the process of going overseas because it's really all about money, which can be uncomfortable and awkward to talk about at times. But it has been fun so far. This past month, we have really been blown away by the Lord's generosity to us. It is so exciting to see the group of people that He has picked to be a part of our team. We are really not in control of this process. We can only share our passion and ministry, but the Lord is the one who moves hearts to give. We have been surprised and humbled by the individuals who have stepped up so far. And, we really have only had one week of meeting with people. Our first two weeks were spent with Daniel's relatives and traveling back to Houston. Our third week was spent getting settled in and re-connecting with family and close friends. This is the end of our first week of making appointments and meeting with people. It's been so fun so far.

How are the kids, you ask? They are doing great! They think our new townhouse is really fun, especially Reece because of the stairs! We are all enjoying our own rooms and more space to spread out!! We are trying to daily get boxes out of our storage unit and sort things out. We have four categories: get rid of, take to Indonesia but store until we go, take to Indo but use in our townhouse until we leave, and things we want to keep but not take to Indo which means have to permanently store here while we’re gone. Whew! Imagine making those kinds of decisions for every single item you have!! How many flash lights do we bring?? How many and what kind of toys?? What about all our pictures?? What about the dart board from the garage????? AHHHHH!!!!

Okay, so I'm not really freaking out. At least not at this moment. :) But, I do have my moments! :) Daniel has been working from home, and it's been so fun having him around. We are all bonding as a family! I love it!

Here are some pics to enjoy!

Align CenterHere's Daniel "working" from home :)

Joe got a buzz cut!! Daniel really wanted to give him a moehawk, but it is really hard to give this squirmy boy a hair cut, so it ended up being a buzz.

Awww... cute! Right before the buzz cut.

We stopped in Seattle on our way home and went to the aquarium. Reece got to ride a shark.

Reece the Octapus

This is from our campfire on one of our last days with Daniel's grandparents. Reece throughly enjoyed the s'mores! And so did Daddy.

10 month old picture!!

Joe riding on the tractor with Grandpa Dale. Reece was too scared to ride, so her baby brother did it instead :) I think the next day she did ride with her Grandma, but I didn't get to see that.

I know many people are confused and still have questions about our ministry. We are slowly but surely making it through our list to talk with people one on one or in groups. I’m also working on a “Frequently Asked Questions” page for this blog and I’m trying to organize the blog to be more focused on what in the world is going on with us right now.

Thanks for hanging in there with us! Let us know if you have questions, want to meet with us, or just want more info on our ministry. We would LOVE to do any of these things. Email us! or

A Glimpse into the lives of a family on a journey to serve God through aviation in Indonesia!