Monday, September 13, 2010

A Day at the Park

We had a fun day at Burrows Park with Daniel's parents over Labor Day weekend. The weather was surprisingly nice and the kids had a blast running around. It is a great park-one that I would highly recommend!
Our sweet frind Ally passed down her princess roller skates to Reece and this was her first time to try them out. It was slow going, but she did great and was very brave!

Thanks, Ally!! You are such a wonderful friend!

Mmmm... hot dog picnic!! What could be better??

Reece enjoyed the slides and playing in the sand while Joe loved running in general and throwing sticks and stones into the water.
We had a fun day!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Some Girls that We LOVE!

ABIGAIL: She is cute and silly and she always makes us laugh. But, she is also very caring, loving and affectionate.
REECE: Of course...she's beautiful, smart, curious, imaginative, loving, giving and honest. And so much more.
ROWAN: AKA Ro-Ro. Joe especially loves his ro-ro. He's always saying, "Need Ro-Ro!" She is smart, spunky, funny, curious, adventurous and sweet to her cousins. And sometimes she forgets that she is shy and she talks to me! :) This is her being a veterinarian at the children's museum.

This is her workin' the shapes at the children's museum. She was very good at this! She also beat Reece at the scooter races.

ADALYN: She's new to the group, so I'm not quite sure how to describe her. So far she is sleepy and hungry. But, we love her just the same! Hmm... Who will Joe marry one day? Maybe Abigail or maybe Adalyn...both are excellent possibilities! But, Daniel says I shouldn't think about this yet. How can I not?? :)

And last but not least, the mommy of two of the girls we love: AMANDA! She just gave birth and is doing great as a new mommy of 2 girls. She loves our kids just like her own and she is very giving, loving and real. She's a great example to me of a godly mom, wife, neighbor and friend.
We love SO many other girls, but those are just a few that I've gotten some cute pictures of in the last few days! :)

Why Not?

Why not enjoy a beautiful not-SO-hot-and-humid Houston morning with your favorite brown-eyed little boy?
Why not push him around on his sister's tricycle even though his feet don't reach the pedals yet?

Why not let two cute and energetic kiddos run in rain (and mud!) puddles from the day before?

Why not let her race ahead of her little brother and beat him in a foot-race while she still can??And why not let a boy be a boy and dunk his best buddy "cowie" in the mud puddle and turn him black?

A Glimpse into the lives of a family on a journey to serve God through aviation in Indonesia!