Friday, September 10, 2010

Why Not?

Why not enjoy a beautiful not-SO-hot-and-humid Houston morning with your favorite brown-eyed little boy?
Why not push him around on his sister's tricycle even though his feet don't reach the pedals yet?

Why not let two cute and energetic kiddos run in rain (and mud!) puddles from the day before?

Why not let her race ahead of her little brother and beat him in a foot-race while she still can??And why not let a boy be a boy and dunk his best buddy "cowie" in the mud puddle and turn him black?

1 comment:

cristina said...

loved this post. i should ask myself why i don't let my kids do stuff....i think i'll find it's because it's inconvenient for ME. :( my laziness and selfishness doesn't cease to disgust me. *sigh* thanks for the reminder to lighten up.

way to be a great, fun mom!

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