Monday, September 13, 2010

A Day at the Park

We had a fun day at Burrows Park with Daniel's parents over Labor Day weekend. The weather was surprisingly nice and the kids had a blast running around. It is a great park-one that I would highly recommend!
Our sweet frind Ally passed down her princess roller skates to Reece and this was her first time to try them out. It was slow going, but she did great and was very brave!

Thanks, Ally!! You are such a wonderful friend!

Mmmm... hot dog picnic!! What could be better??

Reece enjoyed the slides and playing in the sand while Joe loved running in general and throwing sticks and stones into the water.
We had a fun day!!

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Nalley Family said...

I love that picture of Reece and Joe! Abigail loves Reece's roller skates! I am sure she will need to try them on with all of Reece's other shoes!!!!

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