Monday, April 28, 2008

My Husband is Awesome

Ya wanna know why? Here are some answers for you (not the complete listing, but just some :)

1. Right now, at 8:47pm on a Monday night after he has worked a 12 hour busy shift where he has to dress up and wear nice shoes my husband is spraying our yard for fleas. Why so late? Because we just discovered that our dog has FLEAS! and I wanted him to spray the yard before we put the flea medicine on him tonight.

2. He went to the grocery store for me yesterday (on a SUNDAY!) with Reece and got everything on my list and was $20.00 under budget!

3. He CLEANED OUT THE REFRIGERATOR last night! I mean, wiped all the shelves and everything!

4. He gives me foot massages without me asking even AND if I haven't given him one in a long time.

5. Sometimes, he'll wake up early and turn the monitor off without me knowing and he'll get Reece up so that I can sleep in even though he usually has to wake up TWO HOURS earlier than me.

6. He doesn't get too mad at me when I leave my apple cores in the car :(

7. He will buy me pantene pro-v shampoo and conditioner because he knows I won't buy it for myself because it's too expensive.

8. He does things that I HATE doing without even complaining (like taking the dog to the vet and doing the taxes!)

9. He doesn't mind that I hog the bed.

10. If I'm having a "cookie craving," (whether I'm pregnant or not!) he'll go out and get me some even if it's late at night.

I wish I could tell you all the other reasons why my husband is awesome. But, he's almost done with the yard, so now it's hubby time! :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

News, News, News

Okay, so it's only really one piece of news, but it's BIG! I mean REALLY big!
...Actually, hopefully it won't be that big. Hopefully it will only be about seven pounds or so...

That's right! I'm pregnant!!!! We are VERY excited!!

I finally get to tell all my blogging friends. I feel like I've been lying to you guys for so long. Although, most of the people who read this already knew (b/c I don't really think a whole lot of people read this) now I can come clean and tell everyone!

A fun fact: My due date is November 6. Reece's second birthday is November 12. If I can hold out for six days, they'll have the same birthday!! (My brother and I also have the same birthday!)

Yea! Another baby on the way!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Crazy Week

We have had the craziest week around here. It started with Reece being diagnosed with bronchiolitis on Monday. She had been sick all weekend, but I didn't realize how bad she really was until I took her into the doctor. They gave her a steroid shot and put her on breathing treatments every four hours around the clock. As you can imagine, she hated the breathing treatments, and the only way to get her to hold still was to put on the Wiggles. (I'm really sick of the Wiggles right now!! Watching them every four hours is WAY too much!) We had to go back to the doctor on Tuesday and Friday. Dr. Ramsey thinks she probably has RSV, so we are banned from being around any other babies for about two weeks. She said on Friday that she still hears a little bit of wheezing, so we're still on breathing treatments. But, Reece seems much better. She's eating and sleeping again, and she's back to giving kisses :)

The week continued with my best friend giving birth on Wednesday!! She had Abigail at about 1:10 pm and I got to be there for the whole thing!! It was amazing! After she delivered Abigail and everything was okay, I got in my car to go back to work and the song "There is a God" was playing. I just cried and cried because if there was ever any doubt that there is a God, it was just completely wiped away by witnessing the miracle of birth!! I'm not sure how many details Amanda want so give out, but I'll just say that she was an excellent pusher and Adam was a really great coach. I'm SO glad Abigail is finally here.

Then... after the chaos of the beginning of the week, I got to go out on the town with my parents and sister. We went to a fancy restaurant downtown and then to a play at Theater Under the Stars called The Spelling Bee (very cute and funny). While eating dinner at a seafood restaurant, my sister, who is deathly allergic to shrimp, mentioned that her tongue was starting to swell. Hmmm....not good, I thought. Thankfully, where I was sitting was a window where I could see a sign for a hotel. Since she didn't have her EpiPen with her (a big no-no!!) we rushed over to the hotel gift-shop, got some benadryl, crushed it up and she took it. Everything seemed to be getting better, and then half way through the play, she had to excuse herself because her nose closed up and she was having a coughing attack. Also, her face, neck and chest became really red with a rash. Hmmm...not good at all. But, after a few minutes in the bathroom, she insisted she was okay and stayed through the rest of the play. She's okay now. Too bad she didn't have her Epi Pen. I was ready to stab her with it!! :)

Luckily, Thursday and Friday weren't too bad, and today we are just relaxing, taking naps, and enjoying the nice weather!

Another random thought... Daniel and I really want to go to the Weekend to Remember marriage conference in May. Did you know that for both of us to go, it would cost about $250??!! And then, you are supposed to stay in a hotel for a better experience, so tack over $100 a night for a hotel for two nights! That is out of the budget for us. Does anyone know a cheaper way to do it??

I don't really have any good pics of Abigail, but I'm sure Amanda will post some just as soon as she gets some free time (ha ha :)

My poor, sick child!!

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