Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Reece at two months old
Welcome to our new blog! We know the name is a little strange, but we didn't have time to think of something more creative. Reece's naps aren't that long yet! We thought this would be a better way to share pictures of Reece with people who don't get to see her that often.

Here's what's going on with us. Although we are very far from pros at the parenting thing, life with our new little one is beginning to settle down a little. I (Becky) am working 2 days a week now. I do miss Reece very much, but I know she is in good hands with her Daddy and Grandmother. Daniel is very busy with his business and only dreaming of playing golf. :) Reece is growing and getting big! She is holding her head up, smiling a lot, and starting to hold small toys.
Here are some pictures of her: (Sorry they are a little out of order...I'm new at this whole blogging thing!)

Three months old on February 12!

No more laundry!!

Happy girl!

Sitting in my chair!

Love Daddy!

Everybody cries!

Reece loves looking at her mobile.
Me and Mommy

On the way to my 2 month doctor appointment. I really hated those shots!
Me and Grandmama

One month picture December 12, 2006

Bubble Head! One of my first smiles
Napping with the boys

Only a few days old here! I would still fit in my mommy's tummy! How I wish those socks would still be that big on my baby's feet! :)

She loves the boppy (a must for any new mommy!)
All dressed up after her first Christmas party!


Granddad Link said...

Reece: What a nice idea ! I hope that your mother will continue to post your pictures, such as these recording your first 2 months. May I say that you are a beautiful baby, but why not? Your mother and grandmother have always been beautiful to me.

PLPerez said...

Good work you two - this one's a looker!

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