Sunday, August 24, 2008

LOTS of Pictures from Idaho/MAF

We have officially arrived!

MAF Headquarters in Nampa, Idaho

Daniel in a 206, which is what he flew during his testing
We tried to get Reece to sit in the airplane so we could take her picture there, but she screamed when we tried to put her in there and said, "No get in airplane!!"
But, she really enjoyed exploring the golf cart that was sitting in the hangar with the airplanes
Dad and unhappy Reece in front of the plane. She preceded to have a temper tantrum after this picture. This was right after our last meeting with MAF where they told us we passed. We thought we better leave while we were ahead!
These are the brand new MAF apartments right across from the building. They just finished them while we were there, so we were in apartments about 10 minutes away. It will be nice to stay there when we go back in July because we won't have to drive much.

Reece painting in our little apartment. We usually did this outside.
Reece got a bath from Daddy every night since he didn't have to work at night! Here are all the animals getting fun hats with shaving cream. Reece loves her animals and would take them everywhere if I let her.

The first child to play on the airplane on the new MAF playground by the apartments. I had a really hard time getting her to leave.

Another one of MAFs 206's

Reece asleep after a walk in the park. Too much fun!

We bought this stroller when we got to Idaho and she loves it! She would push it around forever in the the parking lot of our apartments.

We went to a park in Bosie that has a "beach." We were one of the first families to get there on a Saturday and by the time we left, it was packed. The water was FREEZING cold, but there were kids actually in their swim suits all the way in the water! I could BARLEY put my feet in!!
VERY COLD!! But that didn't stop her!
The view of the beach from the top of the dam. There was a huge fountain in the middle of the beach.

The view of the lake from the other side of the dam.

Reece making Daddy his birthday cake

Reece in the rose garden of another one of our favorite parks.

Kisses for mommy!!

Mommy and Reece on the plane ride there...the plane ride back was NOT as pleasant!

More animals!

Feeding the ducks at the park. I think this one nipped Reece a little bit because every time we went back, she was afraid of the white one.

This time we brought Daddy (who is taking the picture). We went her a lot during our two weeks. Once, we even got to take another MAF wife from Scotland and her two boys.

Reece and Mommy about 28 weeks along with baby Joseph or ???? (By the way, Rose is our latest favorite girl name.)

As you can see, Reece and I had a blast. Most of the time, Daniel was studying or at MAF being tested. So, he didn't have as much fun as us, but it was all worth it in the end for him!

Praise God for a GREAT trip!!


Marianne said...

I love the post with TONS of pictures. I feel like I was there. I am so glad you all had a great time and will be continuing your journey to missionaryhood.

Margaret said...

I love all the pictures too.

Also, I've been wondering if Caroline is old enough for watercolors... and now I know ; )

Michelle said...

Great pictures Becky! I especially like the one where Reece is giving you kisses. It's so special!

I also enjoyed the animal hats in the bathtub. Reece sure has a fun mommy and daddy.

Lindsee said...

LOVE the pictures! It is so pretty there. And look at your cute belly bump! :)

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