Monday, November 3, 2008

A Mouse and a Pumpkin

We all had fun dressing Reece and Joseph up! Reece LOVES her Minnie Mouse costume and Joseph had on his pumpkin shirt and pants. I wanted Reece to hold Joesph for this picture, but she didn't want to. She'll talk to him and kiss him, but that's all for now. She's still not too sure about him.

Ready for some CANDY!!!

Since Daddy took Reece trick-or-treating, he felt the need to dress up, too.Sampling her candy after the trick-or-treating.

Grandmama and Joseph in their pumpkin shirts.

Mommy and Joe! (I didn't dress up... :)

Big boy yawn

Showing off his muscles

Hmmm.... the ponderings of a 3 day old.

We went to the fall festival at our church two weekends ago, and Reece loved the bouncy things. Daddy took her on this slide over and over again and also on another one that was like a tunnel. Dad was the biggest kid out there!

This was the BIG slide that our brave little girl loved!

Daniel and Reece are bonding so much during his time off. Reece was throwing up all night two nights ago, and Daniel stayed up with her, wiped her throw-up, changed her clothes and slept in her room since I was with Joesph. He's such a wonderful Dad!

Reece playing by herself like a big girl. She LOVES her animals!

Friends with LOTS of babies!!

Our little man went in the the doctor for a weight check today (which has gone up, so that's good) but he ended up getting a heel stick to check his bilirubin level since he has been looking so jaundice. It was high, but thankfully we don't have to do any photothearpy yet. We will try to feed him a lot tonight and re-check his levels in the morning and hopefully it's going down.


Marianne said...

I love the pictures! You all look so happy!

junglewife said...

Congratulations on your new little one!!! He is adorable!

I totally sympathize with you about Reece. Natalie was the same way - it took her a little while to be okay with Claire. But don't worry, it won't take long and she'll be giving him things and wanting to play with him - long before HE's ready! =)

cristina said...

i had a minor brain the beginning of the post i was wondering who joseph was...then i remembered you'd had your sweet son...and i even think i'd already congratulated you. :)

the pictures are precious.

Nalley Family said...

I love that little guy!

Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

What a precious family!

Welcome little Joseph! We are so thankful you are here!

Reece sure looks like she enjoyed her costume.. too cute by the way!

Matt, Mary, Chloe & Hannah said...

Congratulations!!! Joseph is sooooo precious! Hannah has already grown out of her new born look, which is so sad (but she is only waking up once a night, which makes me so happy)! (our blog is I hope y'all are adjusting well to having two!

From your pictures, it looks like Reece and Chloe would be great friends - they love big, tall slides and playing with their animals!

You look beautiful, Becky!

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