Thursday, June 25, 2009

On the Move

Yes, we have officially reached the part of our lives that from now on, we will be on the move.
Our first "move" was 3 nights spent at a beach house with Becky's family. It was fun to relax and not think about packing boxes and fixing up our house for a few days.
Christian pulling Reece and Rowan in the boat. Reece loved this, but for some reason, Rowan was scared of all the "sharp" things in the beach (I think she must have stepped on a shell, and from then on she was scared.)
Mom and Reece hanging out in the beach house.

No, not peeing, but just taking in all the sand and beach breeze.

And, of course, our funny, cutie, squishy little boy. This baby is amazing. He is just so EASY going, fun, and laid back. He's always grinning or laughing at someone. We all love Joe so much and are so thankful for his sweet self.
We got back on tuesday and started the mad dash to paint, clean, and clear out our house by SUNDAY and pack up our little pop up camper because we leave for Idaho on Monday afternoon with a short first leg to Dallas. God has been SO good to us. He provided Amanda and Erica to paint for us while we were gone, and then the Perez family came over last night and we finished up. There are now only some touch-ups to be done. We have some sweet friends coming over Sunday to help us move everything else to storage.
Daniel has worked really hard to create our itinerary, with most stops at different KOA's around the country with a two night stay at a camp ground at the grand canyon. We are hoping our road trip will be fun and a time of bonding for the family. Most days are going to be an average of 5 hours of driving with 2 days of only 4 hours each and the second day of 7 hours. We are hoping to get where we're going early and have relaxing afternoon's/evenings.
You can be praying for Reece and her sleeping problems. She has been having problems for about a month sleeping through the night with coming into our room crying and screaming. This past week has been significantly worse with lots of screaming fits and sleepless nights. Last night we felt the prayers of some friends and she did sleep better.
That's it for now. Gotta get back to packing!! :)


Dillon, Emily, Micah and Naomi said...

We will be praying!!!

Nalley Family said...

I am so excited for you guys!! We will miss our sweet friends. We can't wait to hear where in the WORLD you will be assigned!!!

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