Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Day for Joe-Man

Joe got tubes in his ears today.

He has had trouble with some ear infections, but really the main concern was the build up of fluid in his ears that just would never go away. This was affecting his hearing and speech, so we decided to go ahead and to the surgery now while we have access to all kinds of wonderful health care, doctors and hospitals.

I was against the surgery at first because I'm the kind of person who wants to wait and see if anything else will help with the drainage of Joe's ears (like a chiropractor or other alternatives). But, God really lead Daniel and I to go ahead with the procedure now, and I am grateful for His leading and provision for us to be able to help Joseph in this way.

I was so nervous about handing my little boy over for surgery, but he really didn't even cry when they took him. We were only apart for about 15 minutes total. 10 minutes after I left him, Joe's doctor came out and said everything went fine. He said Joe had "rubber cement" fluid in his ears that even clogged up the suction machine! He said the fluid would never have cleared on its own. That was nice for me to hear. It confirmed that we made the right decision!

Joe was pretty groggy after the surgery, but we only had to stay about 20 minutes and then we were on our way home. I thought he would pass out in bed with me, but all he wanted to do was jump and play on my bed! I ended up putting him in his crib and now he is on his 4th hour of sleep! What a nap!

It will be exciting to see how different life will be for Joe now that he can hear normally. Thanks to God who graciously helped Joe through this morning and has given him a new chance to hear the world!
Joe crawling through a tunnel at the children's museum.

Joe sleeping after a fun time at the childrens' museum.


Dillon, Emily, Micah and Naomi said...

I am glad he (and Mama) is doing well. :)

Jaclyn said...

thank you for posting this! i have been getting nervous about Dean's tubes tomorrow.....this makes me feel better! Glad he is doing so well!!!!

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