Friday, November 26, 2010

We are here!

From Houston to Jakarta-we made it!! We had a great, uneventful trip with two pretty happy and content children. I really don't think it could have gone any better! (Unless we got bumped to first class! :)

We are now in a guest house in Jakarta until Thursday. This city is HUGE, but we haven't really seen much yet. Right now it is 3:30 in the morning and we are trying our best to be quiet in the common living room as our kids run around and play! :) We arrived here yesterday morning (about the time our kids would normally be going to bed!) and were warmly greeted by the Koens family. They are a MAF family of 7, so our kids got to play together and we all had Pizza Hut together. It was pretty good pizza, too :) I think mine had soy sauce or something instead of pizza sauce.

Anyway, after the Koens family left, we all passed out. We were only supposed to take a nap, but about 7 hours later I woke up at 9pm! The kids were still sleeping soundly, so we decided to just stay asleep as long as we could. The kids woke up at about 12 or 1am and we have been up ever since then! I think we will try to nap until breakfast and then check out the town.

I kind of left out the whole story of our trip, but I will upload the pictures later and share more of that experience.

We are all really doing well so far. Things are fairly "normal" here in the guest house, so we are excited to see and experience some of Jakarta in the morning.

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junglewife said...

Glad the trip went well for you. Singapore Airlines is the BEST airline ever! Jakarta is indeed HUGE. Enjoy exploring, and remember the feeling you have when experiencing so many new things - it will be a completely different feeling when you come back the next time (whenever that is, after furlough, whatever) and you know the language and the culture, and things are familiar instead of completely foreign! Enjoy the experience! And hope the kids get used to not being in carseats! :-)

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