Friday, January 21, 2011

Where have you been???


That's mainly where I have been! It is so tiring living in a foreign country and trying to learn a new language, so naps and going to bed early are definitely in order here!

I am pregnant with TWINS!! SO, that is really my main excuse for being an absentee blogger for the past few weeks! I have been SO tired, plus, what else to do talk about on a blog if you know you're pregnant with twins but aren't ready to share it with your blogging friends yet!?

For those of you who like the details on subjects like this, I'll elaborate for you a little bit! :-)

We found out the DAY BEFORE we moved to Indonesia that we were pregnant. I was SO happy and excited, but didn't tell anyone but Daniel since it was super early. It was so hard, but we kept it a secret for 3 whole weeks of living here until finally we had some friends of ours (Thanks, Megan and Corey!) help us see a doctor in a near-by town. Megan stayed with the kids while Corey went with us to translate for us. He ended up getting stuck with Daniel and I in the ultrasound room, which I know was really awkward for him! What a friend! :) We went to this particular doctor because he speaks some English and a few women I know have gone to him for their pregnancies. We talked with the doctor for a little bit, and then he proceeds with doing the ultrasound. I am always so nervous at these things because I'm always convinced I'll receive some terrible news. But, we saw the baby and it's little fluttering heart beat, and I was pretty relieved.

Then I saw something else on the screen fluttering around, and I asked the nice Indonesia doctor, "What is that??" I was pretty sure it was some kind of tumor or terrible growth or something very, very wrong. (I'm so positive, I know...) His first response was to just blow it off as some fuzz on the screen, but then he stopped mid sentence and said, "Do you have a history of twins?"
WHAT?? NO, I do NOT!!
But, there ya go, you have twins! I think he was pretty shocked, too. This weird American lady comes into his office and can't speak a word of Indonesian AND she has two men with her... what's up with that? And now she has twins? Crazy! PLUS, now she is crying and I'm pretty sure not a lot of Indonesians do that sort of thing in front of a doctor. Yep, she's crazy..
The babies first picture. It is just a picture of the screen since they do not print out pictures for you. There is one fluttering blob in the upper right and one fluttering blob that the doctor is pointing to.
Anyway, the rest of the visit was kind of a blur. All I remember is that he kept saying, "Ya, bagus." Which is common to say here. It just means, "yea, good." But, more of in a matter-of-fact sort of way and not so much an excited sort of way.
We were in shock for the next few weeks after that. It was so hard to believe, even when we told our parents, but I was (am) SO nauseous and my belly was already growing, so I knew something was up.
We went back to the doctor yesterday for a check-up and received another good report! I am 14 weeks along and the babies are measuring 13 weeks each. They share a placenta, which means they are identical! So, two boys or two girls. We will probably find out the gender just because we don't have a mall or wal-mart to run to when we have the babies and need to buy the right color clothes! It will take a little more preparation than that. Plus, I think Indonesians always find out what they're having. So they might think we are even weirder if we don't!
We are really excited! We are so overwhelmed that God would choose our family for these babies! It is crazy timing, but HIS timing is perfect! He knew this would happen and it is His plan. There are SOOOO many decisions we have to make about having these babies, and we just pray that we would do just what He wants us to do. The health care here is obviously NOT the same as in America, so we have a lot of research and planning to do.
But, for now, we PRAY a lot, take one day at a time and just praise God for His goodness! Thank you so much for praying for us and being excited with us!

This is the best picture we could get of the both of them yesterday. You can see each of their heads, and feet, and you can see the spine on the one to the right. It is actually two separate shots of the babies individually. They are actually positioned like this right now:

0---< >----0

So their feet are kicking each other. And they were moving so much! My weekly email said they are the size of lemons right now. I'm surprised I can't feel them seeing how much they move already!

Baby #1. Awww, so cute already! :-)

This is baby #2. I think they will still be moving around a lot, so it's probably too early to keep track of which is which. But, that's what the doctor said yesterday.

Babies and Mom are tired, so that's all for now! Stay tuned for pictures of our elephant riding adventure soon! :-)


Margaret said...

Yay!! We are so excited for you!!

Amanda @ DAES of Our Lives said...

So exciting!!! Twins!!

Cora said...

yowza amazing! Congratulations :)!

Barb Dukes said...

That is so exciting! Identical! You will be the toast of the town wherever you go in Indonesia. It gives new meaning to "Dua Anak Cukup". ("Two children are enough" - the mantra of Indonesia who's been working on lowering overpopulation. For you non-Indo speakers.) How about "Two at a time are enough". :)

Michelle said...

What fun news! Never a dull moment with you guys. We are so excited for you and those babies are definitely in our prayers. Congratulations!

Jaclyn said...!!!!! SO excited for you. What wonderful news!!!

Jonathan said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Congrats!! So exciting. Will be praying for you!!!

Jon & Sally said...

Oh my! I haven't looked at your blog in ages, and here I am reading it in TEARS!
We found out we were pregnant with Brennan in 3 weeks after we arrived. So many emotions, so many questions! And HOW IN THE WORLD am I going to give birth in Arabic!! Lol!
So, I suppose I'll be doing some praying for you and those little ones! I'm gonna pray that this entire pregnancy opens women's hearts to you (be aware that they may tell you those babies are Indonesian!). I'm going to pray that you experience immense joy & a deep connection with the culture as others minister to you.
Bless you friend. :0) It'll be a fun ride!!

Erin Dorr said...

Congratulations, Becky! This is so exciting! I'm sporadically keeping up with you guys in Indonesia but praying for your family regularly ; )

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