Friday, February 8, 2008

Ups and Downs

It is only mid February, and we have already had some ups and downs this year. One up was that we finally sent off our application to MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) which is the organization Daniel and I would like to go with to be able to be a missionary pilot family. We have wanted to do this for so long, but it always seemed like there were obstacles. Finances have always been our roadblock, but we have had a good budget and plan to pay off some debt, so we decided to go for it. Just a few days after we sent it, we got a really good response from the recruiter at MAF. It was looking like we would be able to do the first phase of the process, the "TE" (technical evaluation- where they fly with Daniel for a week and see if they want to accept us) in early summer. Then we would have the rest of the year to get our finances in order and be ready for the few-month long training in Janurary.

We were so excited and encouraged by these possibilities! We would finally be on track to the mission field! But, just today we have had some set-backs to our plans. These set backs caused us much frustration and caused us to become very discouraged. After a few hours of freaking out, worrying, and trying to figure out how we were going to fix the problems on our OWN, we realized what was going on. God has big plans for us to use our talents and resources to change lives for Him, but there is one who wants to do whatever he can to prevent us and discourage us from going. We are already feeling the attacks of the devil, and we just sent our application in one week ago!!

If you are reading this, would you please pray for us? Our biggest struggle right now is entirely financial, and we know in our hearts that God is bigger than money!! Please pray for protection from the devil's schemes in our hearts and lives. And please pray for wisdom for us in the changes we need to make in our lives. Also, please pray that we would look to Jesus only for our strength and guidance.

"Therefore, holy bretheren, partakers of a heavenly calling, consider Jesus..." Hebrews 3:1

PS When I started typing this post, I didn't expect it to be this long! Thanks for sticking it out to the end!
Reece watching the Wiggles after her afternoon nap. This is her favorite chair that Grandmama gave her for her early Valentines Day gift. Too cute!!


Erica & Colin said...

Hi Becky! This is my first comment to your blog - yeah!

I will definitely be praying for you all and your finances. I am well aware of the enemy's schemes - discouragement, doubt, fear, etc. Thankfully we serve a God who has overcome the world and can overcome whatever obstacles lie ahead of us! I will be praying and believing with you.


Brad Rhoads said...

Hi Becky,

We're pre-fielders (in deputation) with MAF Learning Technologies. The finances are a struggle for us too. But the biggest challenge is *really* relying on God instead of on ourselves.

I'd recommend that you don't do anything else, but stop and focus on getting a prayer team together.

This was on my to-do list for months. But somehow "real work" kept getting in the way. But we're seeing great results from this now. And we're learning the importance of prayer in a much deeper way.

You might be interested in listening to our story. If so, you can find our podcast at

God's Love,

Brad Rhoads
MAF Learning Technologies

Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

I'm praying for you too.

PS. Caroline loves The Wiggles too. Missed you at playgroup last week.

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