Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone had a nice Valentines Day!! We didn't do anything special that day, but the next day we had family fun day! We started by going jogging together (one of my favorite things to do!) Then, we went out to lunch at Red Robin's. Then, we went to the mall! WooHoo! Daniel got much needed new jeans, and I got sunglasses!! I have a nasty habit of loosing my sunglasses. I promise, I really try to keep track of them, but I just don't know what happens to them. It's like they go into the same black hole as baby socks and tupperware lids.

Anyway, I was really excited about my new purchase, but since it's been bad weather all week, I haven't gotten to use them yet!

Then, we ended the day by going to the Missions Dessert Night. We put Reece in the nursery, and I went to check on her at about 8:00 to see how she was doing since she had been going to bed around 7:00 all week. She was more upset than I've ever seen her!! She was doing that cry where you do that sucking in breathing thing in in between wails. So sad! Her eyes were all red and puffy. Lesson learned: no more late nights at church!

New developments in Reece's World this week:
1. Learned how to say "no" and "yucky"
2. Is in love with this dog where you can push his body parts and he sings and says different words...quiet annoying :)
3. More teething! She's had fever almost every night this week! Boo!
4. Is feeding herself yogurt, applesauce and cottage cheese with a spoon, a little messy, though
5. Wore size 4 diapers today! They are really big, though :)


Lindsee said...

"It's like they go into the same black hole as baby socks and tupperware lids. "

I totally agree. Not that I have baby socks...but anything of necessity is bound to be lost! Glad y'all had a great Valentines day!

Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

She's just now in size 4? I guess Caroline might be overtaking her. It's been so long since I've seen them together.

We missed church on Sunday b/c she has a runny nose and has been running a temp off and on for almost two weeks. I'm taking her to the dr. tomorrow to be on the safe side. Do you think that's over reacting?

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