Saturday, March 29, 2008

March Update

We went camping! We had a lot of fun hiking and eating and enjoying the beautiful weather. Until...the night in the tent came. It was REALLY cold!! Reece ended up IN my sleeping bag. But, I'm not sure I had it the worst because I think Culby was in Daniel's sleeping bag!!
We were really ready to go home in the morning. We just couldn't warm up. Plus, it was the morning of the time change, and no one slept well that night, so we were pooped.
We went to San Antonio! My Mom, sister and her three kids and Reece and I spent two days and one night in San Antonio. We went to a wildlife park, the Alamo and to the Spanish Market. The weather was beautiful and it was a really fun trip.
"I wonder what's in there??"
Reece was a little wacky that whole trip because nap time didn't really exist except in the car with six other people and in the stroller among the huge crowds of spring-breakers.
Reece petting a goat (I think pregnant!) at the wild-life petting zoo. She loves animals!
Reece showing off all the souvenirs she got from the Spanish market in San Antonio. She's so girly!!
Okay, so this is a pathetic family picture. Not easy to do with the ten second timer on the camera and a toddler!
Daddy and Reece. SOO cute!
Reece got a tea set in her Easter basket. We had a tea party with all our animal friends. Reece is going through an "I-hate-church-nursery" phase. She just cries and screams the whole time! She never used to do that!! We even went to the really early service on Easter Sunday so it wouldn't be her nap time, and she still screamed!! The nursery coordinator and several of the workers have talked to me about what we can do with Reece. They've put her in the "quiet room," (I'm not even sure what that is) they've taken her outside and even given her snack after snack, and nothing has worked. I just don't know what to do... Maybe I'll just keep her in the quiet room until the phase passes.

Cute girls in their hats. Reece, Jade and Caroline at our Sunday school Easter egg hunt.

Mommy and Reece on the wild-life tour. Reece got to sit in my lap in the front seat because we were going about 1 mile per hour!

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Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

What an exciting month!

I must say.. Reece is ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!! I just love those gorgeous eyes!!

Love, Kaye

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