Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh, Dear...What am I doing??

Today was our first attempt to move Reece into her big girl room with her big girl bed. We have been making a big deal about it for about two weeks now. We have been playing in there, putting things all the wall, and talking it up a lot. So, we all three cuddle in the bed tonight and read a book together. Then, we get Reece all cozy in bed, give her hugs and kisses, and then Daniel turned the light out. Immediately, she starts crying. Oh, yea, I forgot to mention that we left her pacifier in her crib, so it was a lot of change at once. (we tried to take the paci away back in May and it was a huge disaster)

So, we leave her in there, screaming, "mommy, Mommy!" She stayed lying down in her bed, but she just screamed. I felt strong at first, but as each minute passed, I started feeling all these guilty thoughts: Reece is growing up too fast, she's not even two yet, I'm about to totally turn her world upside down with bringing a new baby home, I don't want her to hate her new room, I don't want her to hate the baby, I don't want her to hate ME......

So, I broke down, got the paci out of her crib, and went back into her new room and gave it to her. She was almost asleep immediately, and then I left the room and shut the door, and I hear, "Mommy, Mommy... I want to get in my nigh-night bed!!'' Over and over....

Daniel and I are SOFTIES!! We can't handle it!! Daniel got up and put her back in her old room in the crib with TWO paci's!!! Are we terrible parents? Have we messed everything up now??

Or, maybe I need to lighten up and not worry about the crib or paci or anything right now. Hmmm, I have five weeks until we bring our baby home. It would be really nice to have Reece settled into her new room without the pacifier! Oh that paci... it was so nice when she was a newborn, but now it seems like a curse. Help!! We need advice!!
Anyway, we have been having a lot of fun lately, too. Reece is way into "punkins." She decorated this one and insisted on taking it everywhere for awhile.

Then, we made turkeys with glue, feather, and lots of small body parts. We put them on the window sill to dry, and later I found Reece tearing every little piece off the turkeys. Then she said, "Mommy fix it." So I did... :)

She helped Daddy wash the car and Culby while Mommy finished her walk.
She's almost two, but with all she's doing and saying, you would think she's three!

Mommy at 35 weeks pregnant. Only five more weeks to go! And, only TWELVE more days of work!! I'm going to the midwife every thrusday now. The baby isn't breech anymore!! (we found that out last week). This week we found out that the baby is head down, but facing the wrong way. So, now I have to try doing another position to see if I can make this baby move. (Over a month ago when we found out the baby was breech, they had me lie in this really uncomfortable position every day to try to turn the baby, and it worked!) So, hopefully it will work this time, too.

Lots of Love!!
This was taken right at the part: "POP goes the weasel!"

Enjoying the nice evening weather!


junglewife said...

Do NOT worry about it! Natalie slept in a pack n play until she was about 2 1/2. She was probably ready to move into a big girl bed at around 2, but then we were going to the States to have Claire and I did not want to have so much transition for her, poor kid. So it was about a month after we came back from having Claire and she just said one day "I want to sleep in my big girl bed!" We had her bed set up in her room along with the pack n play just so she could get used it...

And about the pacifier... Natalie is still using hers. With all the transition, I figured it wasn't worth it to make a big deal about the pacifier. So now she uses it only at bedtime or naptime, or if she is in her bed. Which means that Natalie takes a lot of "pretend naps" during the day, just so she can snuggle up in bed and have her pacifier! Oh well! At least we're not fighting about it - she knows she's only allowed to have it in her bed!

You are NOT terible parents! You will know when she is ready to move into a big girl bed - there's no hurry! And about the pacifier - you know, she won't be in kindergarten with it! I'm not one to give advice since my almost-3-year-old is still using one, but I would say just use baby steps to cut down her use. If she is already only using it at bedtime, I would say don't fight her on it, just let her use it as long as she needs to. Your sleep is not something you want to mess with, especialy with a baby coming!!!

Marianne said...

You and Daniel are awesome parents and you are not messing up Reece. I mean you never hear someone not getting a job because they have a bad paci habit or that they can't catch a husband because they still sleep in their crib. :) It is just a season of life that will change when you all are ready. She is just going to love that baby!

The Boudreaux Family said...

You guys are great parents! Just look at Reece; she's a good girl. It may turn out that when she sees her little sibling that she'll want to take on a Big Sister role and give up the paci and crib on her own. Who knows, but you guys are doing a great job. I think all parents struggle with one thing or another.

I can't believe the baby is almost here already. Time has flown (for me).

Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

Wow!! I can't believe you only have a few more weeks before number 2!! How exciting!! I'm also thrilled to hear that you are going with a midwife. Will you birth at her birthing center or are you going to try to have the little one at home? Either way, I hope it's very relaxing for you!! I truly enjoyed the quiet and calm that comes from the birthing center and hope that I will be even more relaxed when we have the next one at home. I am so thankful to hear the babe turned!!! Now if it would only learn how to roll over! I do pray so!!

Reece is such an ADORABLE little girl! Those beautiful eyes make me smile every time I see her! Do you mind if I make a suggestion? - Gracie and Gloria "Lala" share a bedroom. As I was preparing for Lala's arrival I went ahead and trained Gracie to sleep in her big girl bed like you are doing for Reece. Since my girls share a bedroom Gracie's new mattress was right next to her old crib. I'm not sure if it helped Gracie to have her new mattress in the same room as her old crib, but I wonder if it helped her transition. So my suggestion would be to possibly try putting Reece's big girl bed in her old room. And then transition in one or two weeks to the big girl bed in the new room. Not sure if this will work or if you've even tried this already, but I hope it can be of help.

Above all else, you are going to do just fine...and so are your babes!! I really am so happy for y'all and am glad to hear of how God is moving in y'alls lives!

Blessings on you and yours!

P.S. We still have the paci issue, too. If you figure that one out let me know!! (I've allowed her to keep it b/c of transitions, too.)

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