Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Punkin" Patch

Reece LOVES "punkins." She has punkin shoes, a punkin shirt, two pumpkin toys, a punkin necklace AND we got 5 small and one big punkin at the punkin patch the other day. Oh, and she's always asking, "Where did punkins go?"

So, Friday, we finally got to go where all the punkins live. Reece was amazed!

There were some mom's taking pictures of their little babies in the pumpkins and I thought it was so cute and EASY because their children didn't move like mine does now! I never knew how hard it was to get a good picture of a almost two year old! She was way too distracted by re-arranging all the pumpkins.

This is Reece moving all the pumpkins around. Hopefully she can get a job there next year :)

I only put this one in so you could see my huge belly!! Only two more weeks to go! (If I'm on time, but I'll probably be late like last time! :) This baby is definitely taking over my body. Bending over to get stuff off the floor is no longer and option. (Good thing I have Reece around to help me!) I'm up every 2-3 hours at night drinking or peeing or making half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or rearranging pillows or getting Daniel to help me with leg cramps. Not that I'm complaining. I think it's more funny than anything. Being pregnant is SO amazing and I'm very thankful for the gift of being able to carry a child. I'm excited about having a baby soon, but I know I'll miss being pregnant. It's such a special time! :)

Reece helping Daddy water the yard (and this was just after Grandmama gave her the punkin shoes, which I now can't get her to wear anything else. I'm not ever sure how I feel about Halloween yet, but I can't deny her of the punkins now...she loves them! )

Mmmmm... making brownies!

Reece having a tea party with all her little punkins. So creative!


The Boudreaux Family said...

I love Reece's imagination. So fun. I like pumpklns too.

I can't believe it's almost time for new baby Perez to be here. I'm so excited.

Lindsee said...

She is seriously such a pretty little girl! One day she's gonna be a knockout! Watchout! :)

Nalley Family said...

I love that belly!! Reece is too cute with all those punkins!!

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