Friday, April 3, 2009

This was NOT on the to do list!

So, I had been wanting to trim Reece's hair for a long time. We have been really busy all week with potty training, but I decided on a whim to go for the trim on Wednesday. I set Reece in the high chair and started hacking away. I didn't really think things through, and I didn't even try to separate it into sections. When I had cut all the way around, I stepped back to take a look at my progress, and one side was an inch shorter than the other side where I had started!! I panicked, and I think I freaked Reece and Daniel out. So, at about 6pm, I grabbed Reece, got in the car and stopped at the first hair cutting place I saw. The place we ended up was not exactly for kids, and it was crowded with people getting off from work to get their hair cut, but they were pretty nice and fixed Reece's hair for me! I was SOOO embarrassed!! I had not showered all day and had just gotten in from jogging, so I was not exactly presentable. I think I smelled like spit-up, too! Reece was such a good girl. I the car, she asked me if they were going to cut her eyes or her nose, so I think she was a little scared. But, she sat perfectly still (I gave her candy and tried to distract her with everything out of my purse that I could think of!)
So, 18 dollars later, we now have a short-haired, big girl, two-year-old:
Here is Reece with her pretty flowers that her Daddy bought her for peeing in the potty for the first time! :)
We have been doing intense potty training for this whole week. I decided to forgo the pull-ups and try to just go all panties all the time. It was SOOO hard at first and very stressful, but Reece is doing much better. It's been a hard week for the both of us. I can tell she has been stressed out, but she is doing much better than when we started. Yea for progress. She is having a lot of trouble with the #2, though.
On another note, we took a road trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma last week. We made many stops including Little Elm, Durant, and Dallas to see lots of friends and family. We were VERY surprised with a snow storm on Saturday morning! It was fun, but we were very cold and for one leg of our trip we had to drive about 40 mph down the highway. That lasted about 4 hours, but Daniel was a really safe driver, so we weren't scared!

This was just the start of the snow. It ended up being several inches on the ground. Before we headed out, Daniel and my Dad built a HUGE snowman and threw snowballs at each other. Reece didn't really want to play in it because she was too cold :)

Grandma Betty and Reece. They had lots of fun playing with Reece's animals.

Our family with Aunt Marion and Dan. We had a great time eating lunch with them and visiting with them at their beautiful house.

The kids and my mom in the snow!

We also had a fun visit with Mr. and Mrs. Girdler, Aunt Stacie, Cousins Amanda, Rachel, Katie and Dylan, Uncle David, and finally Uncle Mike, Aunt Tricia and cousin Phillip.

Joe Update: He is 5 months old and rolled over finally for the first time today!! Actually, Daniel's mom witnessed him rolling over 3 times in a row about two weeks ago when she was watching the kids for us. She says he was really mad at the time, and he didn't do it again for us until today, so I decided not to count that!

Here's a video of the second time he rolled over. The first time he did it, I grabbed the camera and turned him back over, and he did it right away again!


mmnevill said...

That cracks me up, because last night I cut Addison's hair for the first time too! Luckily for me, her hair is really thin and stringy, so I just cut an inch or so right across the back (her hair in the front kind of grew in shorter layers on its own). I think Reece's hair is cute!

Margaret said...

And it cracks me up too because we went hard core with the panties when Caroline came home from Granny's house on Tuesday night.

I think we are at 4 accidents so far (not including the pull-ups she had to wear for MOPS this morning).

I love that all our girls are so close in age : )

Jonathan said...

I loved seeing Reece's haircut today! What a funny story. Yea for Joe rolling over--he is such a cutie! And yeah for Reece going in the potty--we are sort of trying but are off to a very low start. Oh, the joys of parenting.

Lindsee Lou said...

That cracks me up. Either way, her hair still looks cute!

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