Thursday, April 30, 2009


We are making progress to be ready for Idaho in July!

1. We said goodbye to a very dear friend last Saturday.

We got Culby when he was only 5 weeks old. I wanted a weimaraner so that I could have a running partner and Culby turned into a great one. We raised him on a farm in east Tennessee. He would run right by my side through the winding, hilly streets of campbell-rash road and we would always stop at the river so he could go for a swim. He went everywhere we could take him. Even on errands and he would wait in the car for us while we went in to the stores. When I was sick in the hospital, I begged the doctors to let me go home because I missed my dog SO much. Culby ate our couch, ate everything off the counters (including Advil, 2 entire cantaloupes in one sitting, and a bottle of beano), chewed up many of Reece's "animals," and many a-dog bed. But, he was a part of our family and we love and miss him.

No, he didn't die. He actually went to dog heaven, which is on a 6 acre farm near SanAntonio with horses and a man who absolutely loves him named "Mr. David." I think he'll be much happier than in suburbia with a tiny backyard.

2. We found a very affordable rental townhouse that we can rent out when we get back until we raise our support and get ready to go.

3. We almost have all our addresses. Thanks for those of you who sent yours and others in. Please send yours to me if you want updates on our ministry

4. I'll be finished with one of my classes on monday and the other 2 weeks after that!! WooHoo!

5. We had a meeting with Cypress Bible Church to find out the requirements to be a missionary with CBC. There are LOTS of things we have to do, but the program is really designed to keep people on the field and not leaving soon after arriving because of whatever reason.

6. I feel like more than anything, we're preparing mentally. We're talking about what to keep and what to sell. We're talking a lot about putting our house up for rent and how that will go. And we're talking about where we'll go, what we'll do and what it will be like.

God is really answering our prayers and giving us wisdom about how to work all the details out in this process. Thanks for praying for us, asking us questions and walking with us through this process!

Our desire is to use the service of airplanes in order to make the gospel more accessible to those who have never heard!

If you are confused, here's the link for the steps we're taking to get to the mission field

If you want to learn more about MAF, go to

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