Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First Day of Summer for the Perezes

Last Saturday we got the little pool out of the attic and started our summer of outside fun! I had a spontaneous moment and got us some ice cream from the ice cream man. Mmmmm!! Reece got bugs bunny. Note to self: Ice cream man WAY more expensive than when I was a kid!
BIG splashes!
Almost too BIG to float!

Mommy and baby feet (Reece couldn't figure out exactly how to position her body to get into the picture so she gave up)

Daddy joined in on the fun!

Joe Update:
6 months old and lovin' it!

Trying to learn how to sit up
But, not very good at it yet!

Daniel gave Joe a "real" haircut!


Best Buds!

Update on the baby food situation:
I tired the baby food grinder with cooked veggies, but Joe just gagged on everything I tired. So, I'm just blending the veggies for now, which makes them very liquidy(is that a word?) He still isn't really interested in the food. He doesn't like to open his mouth, and when he actually gets a bite in the mouth, he just flaps his arms and legs like crazy...I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
Oh well, we'll just keep trying. I forgot how much work it was to start solids!!


Margaret said...

I guess you didn't make baby food for Reece?

To help the "liquidy" situation, I would mix Caroline's dry cereal with the baby food before I served it... instead of feeding the cereal seperate from the veggies/fruit.

Nalley Family said...

Abigail was never really super interested in food. My food was never as smooth as the food from the store.

Abigail can't wait to go swimming with her friends this summer!!

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