Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beach Babies!

We had our first family outing to Galveston a couple weeks ago. It was so nice to get away for a few hours. Reece loved the beach last year. She would just roll in the sand and water every time we went. But this year, it took her a little while to warm up to it. Okay, well only a few minutes, but the first time she put her feet in, she freaked out and said, "I'm floating away!!" The waves threw here off for a few minutes, but then we could barely drag her away from the beach when it was time to go.

Joe, PLEASE don't eat the nasty sand!!

Sand on the baby face... oh my...

Reece's first look at the beach.

Joe jumping in the ocean. I tried to upload a funny video of Daniel helping Reece jump over the waves, but I guess it was just too long because I can't get it to work. :(

MAF update:

We are going ahead with plan to move out and put our house up for rent before we leave for Idaho. We leave on June 29, so we have a LOT to do!! Daniel put the finishing touches on the floor last night. We have to do some painting and pack a TON of boxes and then give our house a thorough cleaning. I think I've packed up mostly everything that we needed to sort through, and the rest is just stuff we use everyday, so that will be hard to pack until right before we leave. We also got the pop-up trailer out of my parents garage, so we plan on getting that all packed up to take on the road to Idaho. We are excited about our camp-out-road-trip! It will be a great bonding time before we start our intense training.

Please pray for us:
-that we would totally rely on God to help us get everything done that we need to do before we leave for Idaho (it seems very overwhelming to us!)

-that we would be able to teach Reece to find her security and strength from the Lord during all the changes and transitions that our family is going through.

-that Daniel and I would spend some good time on our marriage even during this crazy time.


mmnevill said...

Hey Becky, where exactly is that beach? It looks clean and sandy! We are going to head down to Galveston before too long, so I am just wondering where we need to go once we get there.

Dillon, Emily and Micah said...

What a fun time together at the beach! We will be praying for the Father's strength for ya'll during this transition time.

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