Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lots of Random Info

Joe had his 6 month check-up today, although he'll be 7 months in 3 days.

He weighed in at 20.14 pounds and 29 inches long!! Yes, he's wearing 18 month pjs right now! What a biiiig boy! He did not have a successful check-up today. I found out that he has an ear infection! So, he got out of his shots and instead now has to take the yummy, pink, bubble gum antibiotic for ten days.

I finished my Perspectives class last night! YEA!! It was such a great experience and I'm SO thankful for it, but it was a lot of work, so it's nice to be finished with it. I'm excited to take some time this week to process all I learned from the class and hopefully blog a little bit about it at some point.

Daniel emailed off our address list and prayer card pic today to MAF. It was the last possible day that we could send it in. Thanks for everyone who sent your address. We have a little over 200. The bare minimum that they want us to have is 200, so I'm glad we at least made it there and we hope to build that list up a lot more. Please send us your address if you are still interested in learning about our ministry!

We will be leaving for Idaho in one month now! We are excited about our trip there. We are going to be driving making many stops at some fun camping grounds. I'll have to post our agenda later.

Reece has recently become very attached to a stuffed animal she named "spot." Spot literally goes everywhere with her. We left him at my parents house the other day and I had to go pick him up so that she could sleep! If she looses him under the covers at night, she'll come in our room and ask us to help her find him. I think it's because of Culby leaving our home. I'll ask her every once in awhile, "Do you miss Culby?" and she'll say, "Yea, but I love Spot so much."
Here is a picture of Reece and her beloved Spot. He's not usually this clean!


junglewife said...

Thanks for sharing your pics and what's going on. We'll be praying for you as you go to MAF - hope it all goes well!!!

Joe is a big boy! I just weighted Claire on our home scale and she is 18 pounds. At 14 months! Enjoy all that chunky baby fat - it's something neither of my little girls have had!

Team Leslie said...

I found your blog through a friend... My husband is a pilot and MAF sounds really neat...what a great thing y'all are doing. If you need more addresses, I'd be happy to give you ours. Just email me if so: teamleslie@gmail.com

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