Thursday, August 20, 2009

Washington Fun

Daniel's Grandparents have a beautiful home with amazing landscaping including vegetable gardens, flower gardens, a fish pond and more. It's every little girl's dream!
Here we are picking blueberries

Reece is goin' on a berry hunt!
Reece and Grandma picked green beans for dinner. Reece is snapping them here.

Joe is just thrilled to be here!

This little girl LOVES the dirt!! She can't stay out of it!! Daniel's cousin Jacob who is five years old (in the background) came over and spend the night with us. Reece had a blast playing in the yard with him. We even went across the street to the neighbor's house to see their baby goats!

This week is fair week which is a pretty swingin' time around here. This is Grandpa and Jacob and Reece walking to the fair.

The carousal ride was Reece's favorite.

Joe and Mommy at the fair. Joe was such a good sport to ride in the stroller all day while Reece got to play. Daniel had to help Grandma Lin most of the day with cleaning the fair bathrooms, but he came to hang out with us after his shift was over.

Some baby pigs and their Mama at the fair. Wow, I'm glad I'm not a nursing Mommy pig. Those babies are aggressive!!

Reece got her first tattoo at the fair. I think it says "Jesus is the light."
Reece rode a ton of rides and only had to be escorted off one. It was a fun-house with a mirror maze which she did fine with b/c her cousin helped her through, but then to get out of the house, you had to slide down a huge slide, and she was too scared, so they walked her back through the maze and everything ended up okay.
She surprised me by going on lots of rides I didn't think she would like. Like the spinning dragons ride. She said it was "too wiggly" but I think it helped that her dragon was the pink one! And, her sweet cousin Jacob was there to help her.

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Valerie said...

Love the pictures, Becky! Wish we were there.

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