Friday, August 21, 2009

What Now???

We are finally finished with our training time at Mission Aviation Fellowship. It was a long five weeks, but God was so faithful to us during that time. He took such great care of our children while we were in class, He helped us work well together as a team, He provided for us financially and He kept us safe and healthy throughout all our travels.

Soooo.... what's next for us?

The last Friday of class, we quickly packed and cleaned our apartment and then headed to Sandpoint, Idaho where some amazing friends of ours had a wonderful lake house ready for us to relax in. We spent two nights there, and then two nights in Spokane, Washington with the Chareltons. Thanks SOOO much to Ross, Piper, Sophia, and baby Simon for taking such great care of us.

Now we are in Bellingham, Washington where we will spend the week with Daniel's grandparents and other relatives. We will also be speaking at a church here at their Sunday evening service. We are very excited about our first official opportunity to speak about MAF to a church!!

From here, the kids and I will fly home thanks to some super cheap tickets. Daniel will drive home making a few stops along the way to visit friends. We will be sad to miss out on these visits, but are glad that we don't have to spend hours in the car anymore! :)

When we get back to Houston, we'll be setting up our home where we'll be working on building up our ministry partnership team. More on that later! :)

For pictures of the Lake house, go here.

For pictures our time in Washington so far, go here.

The infamous MAF Kodiak!!

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Nalley Family said...

What a fun trip!! We can't wait to see you soon!! I told Abigail she gets to play with Reece and Joe later this week!! YEAH!!

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