Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun in the Fall

Reece has started a new tumbling class at Thompson's Tumblers. It is SO fun. She is loving it and doing really well with all the activities. I just love going and watching her. At home, we often have to "play" tumbling class.

All the kids lined up just before class is about to start. Reece is fourth from the left. I just think it's so fun to watch her interact with other kids and see how she responds to other adults. She has been doing great so far.

Reece is somewhere in the middle (I think on the left).

Reece attempting a cartwheel.

Reece on the rings with Coach Frank. This was her second time on the rings, and this time she actually flipped over! The first time she didn't want to because she was too scared. I'm so proud :) I have a really cute video of this, but I can't get any videos that are over about ten seconds to upload. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong??

We have an ally behind our house that is great for riding the trike and Joe practicing his walker skills. I have a cute video of Joe and Reece "racing" but I can't get that one to upload, either.

Reece giving Joe a little push.

Joe's 11 month picture. He will not hold still anymore for these! :)

Joe's latest trick is putting things up to his ear and pretending they are a phone. He even makes a sound that sounds like he's trying to say "hello?" Too cute!! (this is a play thermometer)

This is Joe showing of his pat-a-cake skills.


Sarah said...

That's so funny about Joe with the phone thing! Jackson has done that for a long time too! He puts ANYTHING up to his ear and says "hadoo." (hello).

Margaret said...

You have to shrink any video that is over 100MB in order to post it.

We use Windows Movie Maker and when you resave the video file, there is an option to save for e-mailing and it makes a less quality, smaller file. Then you can upload it.

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