Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trip to Dallas

Yay for road trips!!
We took a week long trip up to Dallas last week to visit with some friends and family and to tell them more about MAF. We stayed in a little cabin the whole week. It was cozy as it was only one room, but it was fun :)
We had such a great time with our friends and family. So many people were excited about what the Lord is doing in Indonesia through MAF and so many people decided to give generously. We are so thankful to God as He is providing for us and also revealing Himself to others through His work in Indonesia!

Best Buds! :) Sure, they look sweet in this picture, but things were not so happy in the middle of the night in the cozy cabin. Not much sleep was had, which makes for an interesting trip :) We really did have fun during the day and at all of our visits, but the nights were rough...The cozy cabin.

It sure was cold in Dallas!! One day it rained all day long! The cozy cabin got even cozier that day!! :) There was a small playground right next to our cabin and a TV/laundry room right next to that.One of the highlights of the trip was that there was a really fun mall right down the street from the cozy cabin with lots of fun things to do for the kids. The most fun thing was a Daddy/daughter ice skating adventure!! We were so proud of Reece for being so brave on the ice. Daddy had to help her a lot with the skating, but she learned how to stand on her own and she skated around several times with the help of her Dad.

Don't fall!

We got home on Saturday and had to prepare for our presentation on Sunday at church. So, after that, we had a relaxing Sunday afternoon/evening. We spent some time outside enjoying the nice weather. Our presentation went really well. Thanks for everyone who came to ABF on Sunday!

Beautiful girl on her tricycle. She's getting so good at riding it!

Good ole Joe in his walker. He actually took his first step last week! But, it was short lived excitement. He has only done it again a few times, so I think it will be awhile before he's running around the house.

I just think it so cute when they're playing outside together. We had a lot more races that evening :)

Random pictures:
Reece helping Mommy mop--in her boots, of course.
So, I'm getting motivated again to unpack the boxes that line our hallway and dining room. Reece and Joe "helped" me unpack the DVD box and then decided to get in it. Actually, Joe was in it before all the DVD's were out. Such a helper... :)


Cora said...

Exciting to hear that God is providing the financial & prayer support for your ministry with MAF. I've enjoyed the mailed newsletters I have gotten so far! :)

ame said...

Thanks for sharing what's happening in your life! We are keeping you all in our prayers. :)

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