Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pumpkins, Flower Fairies and Birthday Boys

Well, these pictures are better late than never! Our Internet was down for a week or so, but here are the latest festivities going on in the Perez household...
Reece and Daddy carving the pumpkin. Reece would NOT touch the insides of the pumpkin. We have a book we've been reading that is about a farmer carving a pumpkin, but it incorporates the Salvation message, so we were able to talk about this while carving.
The finished product!
Joe wanted to help, too!
Daddy and Reece after a long trick-or-treat outing!

Here's cutie Abigail in her pumpkin costume. We went to a retirement community with our MOPS group to visit the residents, and our friend Abigail was there, too.

The cutest princess flower fairy ever!!

I guess these pictures are really out of order because before Halloween, we celebrated Joe's FIRST birthday!! I can just remember sitting at home one year ago holding my BIG newborn in his pumpkin shirt. He was so sweet then and is still the sweetest little boy ever. I just love him so much! He is just what this family needed: a laid-back, funny, and sweet man.

This was his reaction to the first sight of his birthday cupcake. I promise, he has never had one before, but he acted like he knew just what to do. I've never seen a 12 month old devour a cup cake like he did!


Here is Joe dancing to the gift we got him. It is a farm magnet toy for the fridge. He also got a set of blocks. But, he couldn't decided whether to dance to the farm toy or turn around and rip open the other gift. :)
12 month old Joeman.
Here are some of the things Joe is up to these days: Dancing to ANY type of music (including Reece's constant singing of princess songs :), giving lots of kisses, giving me the "more" sign language sign (which for him is just clapping) all day because this boy always wants to eat! He loves balls, escaping through the back door to the patio when we have it open, eating DIRT ~yuck~ whenever he can sneak it in at the park, climbing everything and practicing his walking skills. He's not much for saying words, but he's got many lovely boy grunts, yells and of course, baby gibberish. He and his sister are getting along better and better these days. Today they were cracking up while I was making dinner, and I said, "what are y'all doing in there?" and Reece informed me that they were, "playing a game." Love it!
We adore you, Joeman!!
Tomorrow we celebrate our beautiful daughter's third birthday. Build-a-bear here we come! :)

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junglewife said...

Too fun! Can't believe your little guy is 1 already! The time flies, doesn't it?!

Claire has that little farm thing too. She gets frustrated because she wants to put two 'heads' in it at the same time instead of a head and a tail. She LOVES the songs and plays with it all the time - hopefully Joe will love his too!

Hurry up and get that support raised - can't wait to see you out here in Indonesia! We're hopeing for a Papua assignment!!! :-)

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