Friday, November 13, 2009

Build-a-bear...or pink unicorn...

So, we went to build-a-bear to celebrate Reece's third birthday. It was so fun! She had a blast picking out all the things she wanted. Such a big girl to be able to make all those decisions. If you've ever been there, you know they have a wall of all the animals you can choose from. Out of all the cute bears, kitties, bunnies and doggies, our little girl picks the flashiest, sparkliest, pinkest unicorn. That's Reece for you! She also pick out a ballerina costume and named her unicorn "Flying Girl." She picked out the name all on her own. Daniel and I gave her many suggestions, but she decided to decide herself. So cute!!
Kisses for flying girl.
Hugs for flying girl!
Going home. She carried the big box all the way through the mall all by herself!
Opening presents from Mommy and Daddy....princess shoes!

Blowing out her three candles! It took her a lot of blowing and help from Daddy.Decorating cup-cakes (and eating the sprinkles!)

All decked out in princess gear.Joe was pooped from all the birthday fun! :)

We had a fun and busy day! Our little girl "is big" now (that's what she keeps telling us).

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Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

Your kids are so cute! I just wanted to say hello and see what Dave and I can do to encourage you or question we can answer for you as you prepare to head overseas. We would love to chat with you all....we are in the States right now, so it would be easy to get in touch. Hope you all are doing well, and hope that our paths can cross sometime in the near future!
Blessings to you all,
Joy Forney

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