Friday, December 4, 2009

Merry Christmas from Houston, Texas!

Reece and her Daddy built a snowman and then I helped her clothe him. We have been reading a book called "The Snowman" so it was exciting for her to get to make one today!
Proud Snowman builder

We bought our Christmas tree of few days ago. Decorating with a three year old is not as easy as getting it done during her nap time like I did last year! She, of course, must help do everything. Which is fun, until a nice ornament breaks... oh well :) We had fun decorating together. Then, Joe woke up and discovered he had lots of new "balls" hanging from a tree in his living room. He could almost reach, but we had to hang them all on the top two-thirds of the tree. It's so cute to see him toddle around pointing to the tree saying his version of "ball" which sounds more like "bah"

This is Joe's cow lovie that has been in his crib since he was a few months old, but I had never noticed him interested in it until just a few weeks ago. He has been carrying it around the house lately. I think it's cute that he has a new lovie friend, but the bad part is that I bought it from someplace like Stienmart for really cheap and when I got it home, I realized that it had a little pink trim on it! Oh, well! Oh yea, and he likes to suck on the nose :)


Daniel said...

I'm not really comfortable with you calling it a "lovie."

Jonathan said...

No fair building a snowman!! We didn't have enough snow and we live right by y'all!!!!

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