Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fun in Rainy Weather

It has been raining all week here!! We miss playing outside and seeing the sun. The other day, we were playing outside during a brief break from the rain and Joseph couldn't resist splashing in the puddles. Reece quickly joined in on the fun. You can see how Joe was forcefully hitting the ground with both hands trying to get a big splash in the face. I think he was disappointed with this puddle. The one we were playing in before I took this was a lot deeper.

Today was the best tumbling class we've had so far. There was no preschool at the church were the class is, so today about half the kids weren't there. They started off will an all-time favorite...the parachute! Reece is in the pink shirt on the right.

This was Reece's turn to sit in the middle as the others walked around. Then, the kids on the outside would quickly pull on the parachute making the kids in the middle slide around.
This is the kids under the "snow." All the kids were laughing and wiggling around. It was so cute!

Joe at tumbling. He was SO ready for his nap, but thankfully he was able to walk around and play on some of the extra equipment to keep him distracted. He also loved watching the parachute.
Joe on the balance beam.
So tired!

The best part: the HUGE slide that Coach Frank and the other coaches created.... you have to watch the video to get the whole effect.
Thumbs up and ready to go!

And a bonus silly picture of Joe! Daniel is blowing on him making his hair stick up!

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Nalley Family said...

Abigail loves all the pictures of Reece and Joe!! She also loves all the videos! Thanks for sharing. I am so glad Reece is having fun at tumbling!!

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