Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tea Party and Airplanes

This morning my mom's 10 day visit came to an end. We had way too much fun to blog about it all, so I'll just blog about our last day. We had a fun girl day. We first went to the farmer's market here in Nampa and looked at all the fun jewelry and veggies and stuff.
Pretty girl in front of the flowers.

Then, we went on to the tea house for a REAL tea party! Reece was so excited to get a real tea pot and a pretty tea cup. Her tea pot had pink lemonade in it! She was one excited girl!

Pouring the "tea" herself.

Grandmama, Mom and Little Girl

Next, we came home to the boys and Daniel took us across the street to see the airplanes. I was so excited that Reece and Joe were brave enough to sit in the planes with us! We haven't been able to get Reece to sit in one of the planes Daniel flies until today!

All of us sitting in the fancy-shmancy Kodiak! I've never been in one before this and they are pretty impressive looking! I hope I get to fly in one one day!
Daniel is promising me that he will be a guest-blogger this week. He better come through with some fun flying footage and stories!

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