Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beach Time!

Here is a re-cap of Wortley/Hill/Perez Galveston trip 2010. We had 15 people total under one roof for a week! It was a lot of food, fun, sand and playing.

Daddy and Joe trying to clear some of the seaweed away!

Reece actually took this picture. I thought it turned out really cute!

Mom and Dad on their beach house balcony. Usually they get a couple days to themselves in their beach house, but this year we were all there one day short of the whole time!

Michael pushing Will around in Reece Joe's doll stroller. It seems like every toddler is drawn to that stroller, whether boy or girl!

Grandmama with Joe, Rowan and Jacob. We fed a lot of birds on this balcony.

Blondie Rowan looking cute!
It took Joe a few days to warm up to the beach water. Of course, he was all about playing with all the yucky stuff he could find-sea weed, muddy sand, weird sea creatures... But, by the last couple of days, he was splashing like all the other kids.

Rowan and Reece... Wait for it......

Diggin' in the sand.

The boat was a big hit this year. All the kids loved being pulled in in. Granddad did a lot of the pulling, but here it's Daniel's turn.

Beach Girls!

After a big wave!

This is the day he got really into the water. He would jump and then fall on his bottom and then roll around. We even had to put in his ear plugs because he was getting his whole head wet!

Snow cone time!

My sister brought her snow cone machine, so we made snow cones right on the beach. I enjoyed a Diet Coke snow cone...yum!

All the cousins! Reece, Rowan, Joe, Christian, Ryann, Will and Jacob.

We left after dinner on Saturday night and the kids were all worn out! So were Mom and Dad!
This trip seemed different than the previous trips to Daniel and I. Usually "vacation" with small children isn't really a vacation at all. But, this time our kids all slept really well (the whole family in one room!) and they took really good naps. Reece was always ready for a nap after staying up late with cousins and playing in the sun all day. Daniel and I even got to take naps and lie in the shade reading books. It was hard to get back to reality after this. Such a much needed, relaxing, fun trip!

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