Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Then and Now

THEN - 2003
NOW - 2010
Daniel took me flying right before we had to leave Idaho. We realized that it had been 7 years since he's taken me flying! Way too long! It was fun to see him flying in action again. Oh, and all the MAF pilots have to wear their fancy flight helmets. You can see Daniel's reflection in the visor part of his helmet.

Quick Update:
When we left Idaho, we drove to Bellingham, Washington to visit Daniel's grandparents (hopefully I'll post some pics of that later). Then, we began our 4 day road trip back to Texas with a few stops to see friends and family along the way. We drove all day Saturday and night Saturday and got home Sunday around 8am. Then, Tuesday morning we headed to Galveston for a beach vacation with my family (AND hopefully some pics of that will follow...It seems I'm always about 2 weeks behind on blogging...oh well).

We are now getting back into the swing of support raising along with packing, sorting through all our belongings and doing tons of paper work to prepare our trip to Indonesia. On top of all that, Reece is attending a Bible camp put on by some friends in our Sunday School class. She is loving it!


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junglewife said...

Too bad we will have just missed you... we'll be headed to Idaho next Sunday!

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