Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ocean Isle 2007

Daniel, Reece and I had a great time at the beach! Reece did great on the plane and slept well at the beach house. We had a great time with friends, and beautiful (hot!) weather. The only down side was that we all got a stomach virus when we got home. We are still recovering...

The whole beach gang

Reece's buddy Aron. He's only two days older than her. They had a good time stealing toys from each other.

Reece getting eaten by a shark...don't worry, her daddy saved her.
We visited an aquarium. Reece loved looking at all the fish and other weird creatures.
Don't drop me!!!
Once again, Reece proved herself to be a beach bunny. She ate the sand every chance she got, and she loved to crawl in the waves and suck on the seashells. She loves the beach, just like her parents.

I can't tell if Reece attacked Aden or Aden attacked Reece...
Taken just as a short storm was rolling in.
This is pretty much how things went in a house of 11 people for a week. The kids had fun playing with each other while the adults got hooked on the Discovery channel! none of us have cable at home... :)
Reece and daddy on Reece's first plane ride. I'm sure Daniel was trying to explain to Reece how this whole flying thing works.


Jonathan said...

Reece is just getting cuter and cuter. I'm so glad y'all had fun at the beach. Jonathan has yet to visit one! :< We'll have to get together over Christmas break when we come down. Jonathan has changed so much since he first met Reece!

Lindsee said...

She is just precious. That stinks about the stomach seems to be going around. Hope y'all are feeling better!

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