Monday, December 1, 2008

One Month Update

Joseph's one month picture was taken today instead of on Joe's official one month birthday, which was Saturday. We had to take Joseph to the Texas Children's emergency room at 4am on Saturday morning because he had a inguinal hernia. Part of his intestine was stuck through the abdominal muscle. It was SO painful for him. He was screaming and screeching about every 30 minutes from 8pm until we finally noticed the swelling when I changed his diaper at 3am. He also hadn't nursed for over 12 hours during this whole ordeal. We called our pediatrician and she told us to take him straight to TCH ER because they were probably going to have to do surgery. We took him there, and they did an ultrasound to rule out some other issues he could have been having, and finally at about 10am we saw one of the surgeons and he "reduced" the hernia. This is basically where the doctor pushes the hernia back in, which was very painful for Joe. But, after he did that, Joseph was much happier! They had to start an IV with fluids since he wasn't eating, but after the hernia was reduced, Joseph was back to his old self of wanting to eat a lot! :)

We are going to have to get the surgery done in the next few weeks. The surgeon wanted to postpone the surgery a little bit because Joseph was still very swollen. We'll keep you updated on the surgery date.

One month picture-- not quite a smile yet.

Cuddle time with Daddy

All wrapped up with Mommy. This is how I get out with two kids. Joe in the Maya wrap and Reece holding my hand or in the shopping cart :)

Joe at Reece's 2nd birthday party

Joseph's first trip to the park! Reece was excited to show him. This is an amazing jogging stroller that Daniel surprised me with. Joseph doesn't much like it yet because it's not really made for a newborn. I mostly push Reece in it and put Joe in the baby carrier on me.

Joseph isn't doing much exciting. No smiles yet, but he is having more awake time where he lies on the floor and kicks his legs. This only lasts about 10 minutes at a time, and then he wants to be picked up again. He will sleep for about 4 hours at a time at night, but usually wakes to eat and then I put him right back in his cradle. But, he has his moments of fussiness!

Reece Update:

She is really adjusting to Joe well. When he cries, she thinks he needs either a toy or a blanket, so she's always "helping" me.
She has been sleeping in her big girl bed now for about 3 weeks and is loving it!

She fell out a few times at first, but now is doing really well (I don't know why this picture is upside down!)

Reece also had her 2nd birthday on November 12. She got a shiny new tricycle! She loved it, and the helmet which is still too big!

We went to the zoo on her birthday. Joe was only 2 weeks old, but he slept the entire time. We all really enjoyed our trip to the zoo.

She had a small party about a week later where she got many fun toys, including an easel. She loves to paint on it and use the dry/erase and magnetic board.

We got their Christmas pictures done which I will put up later. They are SO cute!!


Nalley Family said...

Joe is so little and cute and Reece is such a good Big Sister!! We are praying that his surgery goes really well.

Jaclyn said...

I am SO sorry he has to have surgery! That is just heartbraking...poor baby. I know he will be fine but that is very stressful for mommy and daddy. Let us know when it is and we will be praying!
Also, do you remember where you got your maya wrap? It sounds like something I will be needing here in a few months :)

Jonathan said...

Joe is SOOO cute. I'm so sorry to hear about his traumatic experience but glad to know he is doing better. You look impressed! Reece is TOO cute...we want to get Jonathan one of those easels-they look so fun! Thanks for your comment on my blog, it was great to hear from you! ;>

Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

Thanks so much for the update on Joe. Poor thing! I can't even imagine what you and Daniel were feeling. I praise the Lord for the strength He gave you to care for your little one.

What are the chances of it becoming as painful as it was the other week? Would y'all just rush back to TCH? Or did they say that it shouldn't bother him again?

Loved all the pictures! Miss Reece is just too precious! I loved that she enjoyed showing the park to Joe! What a sweet big sis!

Keep us updated on the surgery.


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