Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow Day and Bath Time times 2

It SNOWED in Houston!! I know it's not much, but think you can see it a little bit on my jacket, Reece wasn't too impressed. She wanted to go in and finish watching Veggie Tales. I think she was just really cold! We aren't used to that frigid weather!
Thanks to story time last Tuesday, Reece learned about snow and how to catch a snowflake on her tongue. That's the first thing she did when we went outside to check out the snow.

Bath time fun! I can't wait until they're splashing each other! After we took Joseph out, Daniel was standing in the tub with his pant legs rolled up splashing with Reece and singing "ring around the rosies" and then letting Reece fall down as he held her arms. It was the funniest sight, but I didn't want to post pictures of it since Reece was naked! :)

Update on Joe's surgery: We meet with the surgeon on Monday to see what the plan is, so I'll let you all know after our appointment. He's not in pain right now, but he does still have the holes in his muscles that need to be repaired. The intestine can still go in and out of the hole in the abdominal muscle, but they shouldn't get stuck again like they did last time. If they do, we'll be able to tell right away now since we know what it looks like and we'll just rush back down to the hospital and get the surgery done then. I don't want that to happen again, of course, since it caused Joseph so much pain, but I'm kinda glad we got to wait a little while for the surgery since he's still SO young!
Thanks for praying for him!!

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