Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Growing up

Sometimes I forget that my kids are growing up right before my eyes until they hit a major milestone. It always takes me by surprise!! I think, "He/She aren't old enough to do that yet!"
So, the other week Reece came home with a drawing she did in Sunday School at church. It had drawings of people on it. I asked her if her teacher helped her, and she said, "No, I did it all by myself." I didn't really believer her until later in the week when she came into my room and showed me the pictures she was making in her room.
MY BABY CAN DRAW PEOPLE!! I thought only big kids could do that, and she's still a baby....right???
After she drew the people, so wanted me to show her how to draw squares...she caught on to that fast.
This is a portrait of me! She drew one of Daddy, too which looked about the same except with short hair.

More people. She likes to draw the bodies really long for some reason.
Today, as Reece was sitting on the potty (in full princess-wear over her fairy P.J.s) and I was in the bathroom with her, she asked me some deep questions.
1. "Mommy, does God wear shoes?"
2. "Mommy, is God human?"
Then I asked her if she had any more questions for me she said, "I had question number one and two, but no question number three."
I love that girl SO much! :)

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Karina said...

I LOVE how you scanned Reece's artwork!! A great way to save them as it gets easy to toss paper as you start accumulating tons of pictures of heads and bodies and smiley faces :) It is a thrilling milestone isn't it?

So cute! Good for her!


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