Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sooo.. what's it LIKE there????

I get this question ALL the time!

What's Indonesia REALLY like? From what do you cook to what do you buy to where to you shop...

Truthfully, I really don't know yet, but thanks to the Internet and a few good long-distance friends and their cameras, I can get a good idea of what life is like. If you are interested, here are their amazing blogs that thoroughly describe what life is like living in Indonesia as a missionary pilot's wife.

The first is from Nathan and Becky Fagerlie. There are currently in language school in the city where we will be, Salatiga and their web-site is here Look for the pictures of the "Pringles" Indonesian style. Too funny!!

The second friend is Sarah DeSalvo. Her and her husband and two little girls live in Papua, Indonesia in the city of Wamena. She is always so kind to answer my many questions as we prepare to move to Indonesia. See her blog here.

Hope this helps everyone get a snapshot or two into life in Indonesia!


junglewife said...

Thanks for listing my blog! Glad I can be a help to you, trying to show you what it's like here before you move! We sure hope you end up in Papua!!!

Nathan and Becky said...

Thanks for listing my blog too! I'm so happy to know that people actually read it! Please let us know if you have any questions about Salatiga!!

Karina said...

I just found your blog, junglewife, and have been enjoying it. And I have been reading Nathan and Becky's for a while now too. What a blessing to be able to learn about your experiences this way!


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