Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Valentines Weekend


now, THAT'S love!!

It was SO fun!! It was thrilling for me to finally run a marathon! We were able to run most of it together so we could talk and enjoy the run and all the people watching and cheering. It was a pretty hilly course at times, but also very scenic and the weather was perfect for a run!! This is something I've ALWAYS wanted to do, so I feel very accomplished. I was so glad to get to run with my supporter, encourager, best-friend and coach! Daniel had already run one marathon before this, but he's just THAT amazing and did it again with me. I could have never done it with out his help. He always let me go out on my runs, he watched the kids for me, he gave me so much advice and encouragement, and he always changed his schedule around to meet my needs. What a guy! :)

Okay, I'm not gonna lie...we are hurting today!!! We stayed the night last night in Austin so we wouldn't have to drive home right after the race and now that we're home, we are having issues going up and down the stairs! Thankfully, Daniel got me a massage gift card for Christmas, so I will be cashing that in tomorrow!

We went up to Austin on Friday (the race was on Sunday) and stayed with our fun friends Justin and Cindy Girdler. They took us around Austin, cooked for us, and let us stay in their beautiful new home. It was SO fun to talk and catch up with them. Reece and Joe got to spend three whole nights with my parents. They had a blast, but they both were sick and on all kinds of medications, so my parents were SO nice to still take them in and care for them. We really missed them, of course, but it was so nice to not have to worry about schedules, naps, bed times, meals, toys, diapers, and all that stuff just for a few days. I'm so glad to have them back in my arms again, though! I missed them so much I even had dreams about them every night we were apart!

We are already searching for marathons in Indonesia. Anyone want to come and visit and run the Bali marathon with us??? :)

Daniel got this hat and matching gloves at wal-mart for $3 the day before the race! He had to dump them along the way...hopefully someone is enjoying them now.PUMPED UP!
WAY too excited!

AFTER: we spent a lot of time lounging in the hotel room!


C said...

Becky! I realized after I talked to you that you might be coming back from that! So exciting!!!!

Glad you guys had fun! :)


Lindsee said...

I had no idea y'all were training for a marathon. So fun! Y'all rock!

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