Sunday, May 2, 2010

2 Week Re-cap

Well, our "non-tech" orientation has come to an end. We had a great 2 weeks full of so many helpful seminars, classes and speakers. It was a FULL 2 weeks, but so much valuable information was given. We are very thankful that MAF has provided us with this training!
On our last day, we had an authentic Indonesian lunch. It was really a feast with some wonderful food! We are going to love the food in Indonesia if it's anything like the meal we had here!
In this picture, you can really only see the fruit (which is what Indonesians have for dessert) but also some cookies that weren't Indonesian, but really good!
I cannot really remember the names of all the different kinds of food, but the rice was called nasi goreng with an egg on top and then the chicken had a really good peanut sauce on it.

They had a "commissioning chapel" for us at MAF where they prayed for us and basically turned us over from the training phase to the "operations" phase. Now all we have to do is raise 25% more of our support, and we're off to Indonesia!! :)

There was cake with BLUE icing at the chapel, and Reece was lovin' it!

Here are the boys of our group right before chapel looking out the window towards the runway to see if they could spot any planes taking off.

I will update more later about some fun times we had these past two weeks. I'm back to being a full-time mom tomorrow and I'm excited about that! Daniel starts ground school tomorrow in the MAF hanger, and then next week he'll start flying.

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Nalley Family said...

Thanks for the update! We miss you!!!

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