Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How's the Weather??

After 2 1/2 weeks of crazy weather, today we made a trip over to the MAF coat closet! Renee hooked us all up with hats, gloves and bigger coats for the kids (the coats I brought were getting WAY too small...Joe's was a 12 month jacket and Reece's was from 2 winters ago, size 2T!)

So, we finally got to get outside without freezing our tails off. Okay, I say freezing, but it's really more like 50 degrees and sunny today. But the WIND is BRUTAL to these Houstonians! Yesterday our big double jogging stroller kept tumbling across the lawn because of the wind!

When we first arrived here, the first two days were sunny, breezy and around 70 degrees. Perfect, right!?! Well, it was all a trick. After enjoying those two days outside, the weather turned windy, rainy and COLD! And, it even hailed once! (see below)

This picture was taken THIS MORNING (MAY 4th!). I know some of you Texans may be jealous of this, but I'm longing for shorts, running in the sprinkler, baby pools and trips to the pool, NOT coats, gloves and hats!

"WHAT'S HAIL??" says Joe.

Daniel holding a sampling of the hail that pounded us a few days ago.

Craziness! I still can't believe it was this cold! I think it even snowed/sleeted a little bit later on this day.

But to make up for it all, God gave us this wonderful gift in the evening.
This was taken right outside our apartments and my friend, Erica had to splice it together since it was such a huge rainbow.

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