Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bloggers Block

My 3 or so weeks of blog silence has been due to a severe case of bloggers block (BB)!! Even though it may seem like we are exciting missionaries, I personally have not been doing much out of the ordinary during our time here in Idaho (except for the first 2 weeks which I pretty much blogged about already).
Daniel might be able to blog about some exciting things he's doing and learning, but he's too busy being in class and studying to sit down and type out some thoughts. Maybe I'll get him to contribute to the blog on our THREE day weekend!!
My BB has can also be attributed to the fact that my two wonderful, darling children have had a super serious stomach virus for the past week!! Okay, so maybe it wasn't super serious as in they had to be hospitalized, but super serious in terms of crying and complaining of tummy aches all day, lots of PBS kids to distract from the pain, toddler lying on the floor, no sleep, diaper changes or bathroom trips every 15-30 minutes (around the clock!!), fever, no sleep, a very stinky house, no eating, and did I mention NO sleep??!! Daniel and I have been fighting off a very mild form of the virus, too, but nothing like our poor kids.
They are getting better every day, and I am truly thankful for kids that are normally well. I really have been praying for mommies and daddies who have to take care of chronically sick kids all the time. There is nothing worse than a child in pain and no way to help them.

Anyway... on to the true topic of this post. BB.
I figure if I have nothing much to say about the past 3 weeks, I'll give it to you in pictures because I know all of you are dying to see my beautiful family! :)
We got a package from Grandma Val with a beautiful quilt she made for Joe and he loves it already! (This pic is really only the back-the front is super cute.) Reece already has her quilt from Grandma, which she loves and usually takes with her most places we go! :) My mom also send us a really fun cat and the hat game, which Reece loves, and I birthday cake toy for Joe since he loves to sing "Happy Birthday to You." (I've been trying to get that on video, but you know how toddlers don't like to perform on command!)

Daniel posing with his stack of flying and maintenance books. He has been studying a lot lately!!

Joe reading at a desk in an old used book store we found. It's called "Twice Sold Tales" and it has TONS of books and children's books. It is a really fun place to look around. We've been there twice and found some fun (and cheap) books.

This picture speaks for itself...I think...

Is it too early to start driving lessons??
(Obviously the car is parked for those of you who are freaking out right now!)

Random: some omelets I made for dinner.

We went to a parade right here in Nampa. It was fun, but no Macy's Day Parade if you ask me.

Lots of candy was had by all.

The fam waiting for the next talented high school band to walk by. I think Joe's favorite part was the tractor (he says "Whoooooaaaa" to all tractors, dump trucks and things like that...I'm trying to learn all their proper names!)
Reece's favorite part: the teen Miss. Nampa (princess) and the horses!

We also got a lot of stickers for political candidates. Our favorite was the one for "Crapo" :) We were sure to stick lots of those all over Joe's shirt! :)

A trip to the duck pond. Nice braiding job if I do say so myself! :)


"Sad Reece"
I can't remember exactly why she was so sad. Was it because she missed her Daddy? Or was it because she couldn't find a fishing pole (long stick) to fish with in the duck pond like her friend Gabe had? Or was it because I wouldn't let her eat any more of the duck bread??

Okay, the story here is that the weird looking brownish-gray duck is the one who is constantly bullied and the nice looking white duck is his protector. If the outcast duck gets too close to flock (I don't know what a group of ducks is called??) then he is chased away, but his protector always sticks with him. Sad, but funny to watch, too.

Me and my smoothie by Reece the photographer.

Reece and her smoothie.

Playing on the big rock with buddy Christopher. He's so sweet to play with Reece and her princess dolls! Although, he is usually the mice or the prince. And, with him, they usually end up crashing or hitting each other! (The dolls, not the children!)
So, that's our life in pictures. This ended up being a long post for someone with BB!! Hopefully next time I can come up with something more meaningful to blog about.
Goodnight from Nampa, Idaho! :)


Karina said...

Aw, so good to see photos of your family in Nampa. Our kids were down with a stomach bug while we were in Guelph at MAF Canada headquarters! What's with that? I hope your children get better soon. It is no fun to watch them lie around. :( Reese's hair is getting so long. Love the braids! :)
Take care. By the way, please add us to your newsletter mailing list! It would probably be best to email the newsletter to us if you could.

Nalley Family said...

I showed these to Abigail and she said, "I love my friends!" We miss you!!

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