Thursday, October 7, 2010

Texas Fun!

SO, what do you do if you're supposed to be in the jungle, but your visas didn't come in on time so you are living at your very gracious in-laws home sort of in limbo? You do everything you can to have some good-ole American fun!!
We had been meaning to go to an Astro's game before we moved, but the last game of the season kinda snuck up on us, so we bought tickets to last Sunday's game at 11:00pm on Saturday night! The game was at 1:00pm on Sunday afternoon (pretty much the WORST time to take young children to anything!) but we did it anyway, and had lots of FUN!
This first picture is from Reece's first Astro's game in July 2008.
And this picture is from last Sunday. Still her favorite spot...her Daddy's shoulders.

We spent some time towards the end of the game running down the huge ramps at Minute Maid park.

Joe had lots of cranky "I-need-a-nap-SOOOO-bad" energy to burn off.

Reece taking the lead!

Joe had a fun time, even though he was tired. He enjoyed the baseball for as long as an almost 2 year old boy can sit still, and then he was off climbing over all the chairs and walking up and down the stairs.


We took one of those bicycle wagon rides from our car to the field. We had never done that before, and it was really fun!

More fun Texan things to come! :-)

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