Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fun with Chalk

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather by spending some play time outside! We have a nice play area outside our townhouse, but sometimes it's nice to contain the kids in our little patio. Reece is a great chalker, so we make whole towns for her horses and other play people and animals. You can see the sun she made in the middle of this pic. Kelly was over this day to help us color. Thanks, Kelly! :)

Fun times!

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Karina said...

Hi Becky, It's out of order because this post was dated for March 25 rather than april 10 or whenever you meant it to be posted.

Go to "Post Options" in the bottom of the composing area and it should give you a place to put a 'posting date'.

:) Love the pictures. Must be nice to have warm and dry weather!!

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