Thursday, March 25, 2010

Visit to Tulsa-better late than never

This trip really took place about 3 weeks ago, but time flies, I guess!

We took and weekend trip to visit my Grandmother-the kids' great grandmother. We had fun playing in her apartment, going out to eat and visiting with other relatives including my Great Uncle and my Great aunt Marion-who I didn't get a good picture with :(

Joe just climbed right up in my Grandmothers lap so she could read him this book. He has been more interested in books lately, which is exciting for me! This "reading" only lasted about one minute!

Us with Uncle David!

It was such a nice weekend so we spent some time in the courtyard of my Grandmother's building to let the kids run around. Quick family pic!

Best Buds....hopefully someday!!

Right before we said our goodbyes! Oh, it was a long flight home!!

But Reece was livin the dream with her own window seat on the airplane, her own personal DVD player with a NEW Dora princess show and her own snack while Daniel and I were suffering with a cranky, wiggly, tired toddler in our laps! Reece, unlike her mother, LOVED flying! She gigged and smiled when we took of and landed. Her Daddy was so happy she liked it!

Bonus pic of Mommy and Joe Man. He's going through a phase where he'll say "cheese" (his own version of the word) when I hold the camera up. It's so nice to have pictures of his handsome face!

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david and amanda said...

These are great pictures! I can't believe how grown up your kiddos are getting! We're praying for you guys and we enjoy getting your newsletter!

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