Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rodeo 2010...Yeeee Haaaaw!

This is another one of those better-late-than-never posts... I've had it ready for awhile but for some reason or another keep forgetting to post.
Daniel and I felt obligated to take our kids to the Houston livestock show and rodeo this year since it will be our last opportunity to go for quiet awhile... I don't think they have rodeos in Indonesia! It is always fun to visit the rodeo, but we waited until the last week, so we had to fight the crowds of spring-breakers, but the kids had a great time.
Yep, this is a two stroller trip. What do people do when they have more than two kids??? And, notice Reece would have nothing to do with the boots and jeans look. Only pink, frilly skirts and shirts for this girly-girl! :) Oh, and we got to ride the metro rail down to the rodeo, and that was another big, exciting moment!

Joe trying to get IN the cages with the animals!

Now Reece has to give it a try.

"Look at THAT, Daddy!"

The petting zoo was a huge hit! I always forget how eager those animals are to get a treat!

After seeing Joe go for it in the petting zoo, I think this little boy might end up being a farmer!! He was SO excited about all the animals. It didn't matter how big or small the animals were, Joe went right for it. Reece has always been so timid in petting zoos, so it was fun to see Joe love it right from the start.

"I'm not scared of you!!" said Joe!

We thought it was so cute to see this little animal literally hanging out in a pouch!

Joe was totally pooped out! He fell asleep with Daddy walking him around as Reece and I waited in line to ride the ponies.

This was a shining moment for Reece. The line was SOOOO long, but she stuck with it the whole time. I'm not sure I've ever seen this little girl so patient before. She sat quietly in her stroller the whole time in line. I think we waited AT LEAST an hour. I kept telling her that we could go do some other things instead of waiting, but she kept saying, "No. I want to wait." And she did! She loved the pony ride. Her pony was named "Linda Lou," which delighted her. And, the lady behind us bought her a pony coloring book. The SIX dollars for the 3 minute ride was worth her joy and happiness!

Reece waiting excitedly and patiently with her little friends that she met in the line. She was such a big girl...didn't even need my help! (sniff sniff**)

Reece waiting with her ticket in hand. It made me laugh that the back said, "Good for one FREE pony ride." Yeah, except the ticket cost me SIX dollars!! I know...I'm so cheap.
So, that's our fun-filled day. We will miss you, Houston Rodeo.

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Nalley Family said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun. I am sad we missed it, but we will try it again next year when I am not on bed rest.

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